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Enjoy Cooking with Your Young Child

10 ways for your child to enjoy cooking, while making it earlier and fun.

  1. Choose a recipe that your child is willing to eat when all is said and done.
  2. Read the recipe with your child, have your child check to make sure you have all the ingredients.
  3. Prep ahead of time. Crop, grate and peel before you start.
  4. If time, take your child food shopping for the items needed for your cooking project.
  5. Have your little one ‘Step Up’ to cooking. Have a step stool and apron ready. There are also many fun and affordable child friendly cooking utensils that can be used in every kitchen.
  6. Leave the mixing and pouring to your child. Give them responsibilities; expect alittle mess and a lot of laughs.
  7. Don’t forget that cookie cutters can be used for all kinds of fun shapes in food and pizza cutters or plastic knifes make a great alternative instead of sharp knives.
  8. Make this time a good time to learn about your child’s day. Take the opportunity to listen.
  9. Taste as you go along. Have your child watch what happens. What is happening in the over, or on the stove? Great opportunity for kitchen safety talk.
  10. Have your child help set the table. Children can do this on their own and if the utensils and dishes are kept in lower cabinets and drawers it makes it a lot easier while still giving them the responsibility.

Enjoy what your child made and share the experience!

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