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Parent Testimonials

At Kiddie Kampus of Medford we value all of the feedback we receive from the parents who entrust with the educational and daily needs of their child. Listed before are some of the parent testimonials we have received regarding the quality and care of Kiddie Kampus of Medford.

As an older parent, I was not interested in daycare for my child.  It is proving to be the best thing I could have done for me and my child. I cannot begin to tell you how happy and secure I feel with the facility and staff at Kiddie Kampus. All the staff members are so loving and caring.  The crafts and activities, excellent and stimulating.  The cleanliness, impeccable! I often have to talk my 3 year old daughter into leaving the school, because as she puts it “mommy, I want a school like this at our house”…gotta love it!  I assure her she will be returning the following morning J .

– Mrs. D

There are many things that could make you anxious-going on  your first date, an exam in school, taking your first airplane ride, meeting your future in-laws-among other things.  In my opinion, these in no way compare to the anxiety level you feel when you leave your child, or grandchild, in someone else’s care.  This is why the decision as to which pre-school he or she will attend is so important.

You want a place that is clean and safe.  The staff should be understanding, cooperative, helpful, and considerate of each family’s circumstances and needs.  Each child must be recognized as a unique person who will be nurtured and receive age-appropriate instruction, besides being given the opportunity to have fun and “be a child”.  How lucky we are to have found such a place-Kiddie Kampus, in Medford.  It is a wonderful place, filled with a genuine, caring, professional staff, a place that gives you peace of mind and the children a wonderful learning environment.

– The Schatzman Family

Dear Kiddie Kampus,

As an educator of 15 years and a parent, I wanted to let you know how pleased I am to have Kiddie Kampus of Medford as my Daycare provider.  After using an in-home daycare provider for 3 years, I needed something more reliable, more social and academic program for my children.  A colleague of mine recommended Kiddie Kampus of Medford and I added it to my list of possibilities.  After researching numerous facilities, it surpassed my expectations and was the only one I felt confident in using.  I find the staff there qualified, caring, and compassionate about children’s life experiences and learning environment.

My daughter loves her classmates and she is definitely becoming more and more prepared for Kindergarten on a daily basis.  Even though my son gives me a difficult time during the morning drop off, I know in my heart that he will be safe and happy throughout the rest of the day.  The facility is clean, well-organized, and knowledgeable about the public school curriculum’s and focuses on curriculum based activities which are meaningful and enjoyable at the same time.  My 4 year old is eager to learn, and comes home every day giving me a detailed summary of what took place during the school day.  I love it!  I will be using them again next year and would highly recommend this daycare program to everyone!

– Kerry H.

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Kiddie Kampus of Medford
3235 Route. 112 Bldg. #5
Medford, NY 11763
Phone: (631) 698-6673

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